How can I book you?

Please email Elsa@ElsaBerg.com with a time, location and duration for your wished booking (P.S. Follow screening explanation below!)

What are your screening requirements?

When you email me, please provide me with your name and Linkedin profile. In addition to this, I also need the name, email address, and website of two upscale, independent ladies who you have met within the past six months.

I haven't seen any ladies in the last few months, can I still see you?

Yes, it will, however, require some more information about you. Please email so I can verify that you are who you say you are.

Do you require a deposit to book a date?

Yes, I require a deposit to schedule a date.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel before 72 hours before no fee will incur and your deposit will be returned. Alternatively, you can use your deposit to reschedule a date in the future.

If you cancel less than 72 hours before our date I will keep the deposit as a cancellation fee.

If I need to cancel (something that barely happens), I will return your deposit within 24 hours.

How should I present your contribution?

My contribution should be placed on the bathroom sink in clear sight. If we are meeting in a public place, please present it in a gift card or inside a book. It should be presented within five minutes of meeting. Don’t make me ask for it, as it ruins the mood.

Can I have a discount?

Abosolutely not! My rates are NON-negotiable

Can I date you outside of work?

I dont date outside of work, but I do offer arrangements if you want something regular and not by the hour. Please email for more information.

Do you see couples?

YES, I very much enjoy spending time with couples. However, since seeing couples is a delicate affair I would appreciate if you can communicate both of your desires before we meet. I want to make you both equally happy.

Do you offer doubles?

YES, I have a special friend I can bring along for both of our pleasure. Please note that my friend has the same expectations when it comes to donation for her time. Please leave the donation in two separate envelopes.

Can you travel?

YES, my passport is ready for use. I can fly to you, or we can meet somewhere exciting. I offer longer engagements, so please inquire about my favorite travel destinations if you want to take my breath away by taking me on a trip to my dream destination. (P.S. I LOVE traveling!)

Do you offer longer engagements?

YES! Please email me tentative dates and I will tell you my expectations.

Can you wear something special for me?

If you have a specific outfit request please just let me know I want to make you as happy as possible.

Can I use you as a reference?

I’m happy to be your reference if we have seen each other in the last six months, and I had a good time with you. However, never use me as a reference before asking me first. Reference requests that are not confirmed with me first will not be responded. This is for mostly for your safety, as it can be a family memeber of yours who wants a confirmation that you have seen me.