1 hour - $1500 (Short and sweet)

90 min - $2000 (A good start)

2 hours - $2500 (Let the kisses last)

3 hours - $3000 (A drink and a kiss)

4 hours - $3500 (Dinner date?) (My favorite!)

6 hours - $4500 (A night out or dinner and a show)

12 hours - $7000 (Overnight)

24 hours - $12000 (All of me & all of you)

Weekend - $18000 (Let’s explore together)

Please note:

*Couples please add $500.

*In-date exstension is $1000 per hour.

All dates 3 hours or longer must include public social time.

If we are spending the day together, I will need 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep to behave my sweetest.

Please leave the donation in an unsealed envelope in the bathroom within the first 5 minutes of meeting. Don’t make me ask for it, as it ruins the mood.

If we are meeting in a public place, please present the donation in a birthday card or inside a book within the first five minutes of our meeting.